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Главная » 2011 » Февраль » 16 » Засветись в Нэнси Дрю: Проклятье Старого Замка: Итоги Конкурса
Засветись в Нэнси Дрю: Проклятье Старого Замка: Итоги Конкурса
HI подвели итоги конкурса Засветись в Нэнси Дрю: Проклятье Старого Замка

Вот работы победителей:

Рассказ Kate:

"Nancy Drew. You can just tell by her name that she is a determined, smart, and courageous girl detective. She is famous for solving hundreds of mind-baffling mysteries. Hardly anybody can match wits with Nancy Drew. So who has enough true grit to team up with this sleuth? Why, Samantha Quick, of course!

Samantha Quick was introduced in the Nancy Drew PC Adventure Game series in the Phantom of Venice. Nancy has to impersonate Samantha so she can meet Enrico Tazza at the Casa dei Giochi Club in Campo Santa Margherita. She wears a red dress, blonde wig, white gloves, and dark sunglasses to complete the impersonation. Samantha is from the states, but is being educated at the Doppeler Institute for Independent Industrial Arts in Switzerland learning who-knows-what (and is at the top of her class). Apparently, though, she’s a thief, and a pretty good one at that. Stealing the Sadal Melik sapphire (for which Enrico hired her) would probably be a picnic for her, even though Nancy Drew, sleuth extraordinaire, was caught a couple of times. Samantha even phones the detective at the Ca’ Nascosta, where Nancy is staying, right before she is about to steal the sapphire. Samantha knows all about River Heights, and even Ned Nickerson. Although Nancy hardly knows anything about Samantha, Miss Quick certainly seems to know quite a bit about Nancy.

It seems as though Samantha can dig up information about anybody, break into high-Tec security places, and deal with fellow criminals without batting an eye, and all without being caught. If she and Nancy Drew teamed up, they would be just about invincible. You’ve got the sleuth who deducts, snoops, and solves impossible puzzles, and the thief who is living incognito, one foot in the criminal world.

Of course, teaming up with Samantha could have a couple of downfalls, too. Nancy and Samantha would probably have several discussions about obeying the law and breaking it. We all know Nancy stays in the lines as much as possible, while Samantha might jump at the opportunity to bend, if not break, the law. And hanging around a thief could be strange for Nancy, especially if Samantha wore her weird costume all the time. But I’m pretty sure that Samantha and Nancy would resolve all arguments fairly quickly, and that Nancy would gain good experience from being teammates with Samantha-for when she needed to face a real honest-to-goodness criminal.

Even though Nancy and Samantha wouldn’t be the best of pals, they would get used to each other, and work together almost perfectly. Combine an amazing detective who has solved impossible mysteries, and a sly, unknown enigma, and you get a team that could stand up to practically anything and solve the toughest, hardest, most inconceivable cases ever."

Рассказ Jolee:

"I think if there was any character from the Nancy Drew PC game series that Nancy could team up with best, it would have to be Hilda Swenson from Danger on Deception Island. First of all, Hilda is extremely brilliant- she created all of those puzzles in hope that someone clever enough would come across them someday. Hilda is also nosy (in a good, detective way), which allowed her and her husband to discover all of those secret passageways that they did. Hilda is a master at creating puzzles and passageways, Nancy is a master at solving puzzles and navigating passageways- and they are both very keen. Together, they would be the perfect dynamic duo in solving mysteries! Besides, I personally thought Hilda was a very interesting character that I would love to hear again from in future games and would love to see her in person, rather than over a phone. It would be good to bring back some aspects from older games before they are forgotten."

В лицо авторов работ мы сможем увидеть уже этим летом в новом расследовании Нэнси Дрю!

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А что, Саманта Квик - неплохой вариант. Неочевидный smile

Ты опечатался! Написал нЖнси, а не нЭнси.

А может это так задумано?_)


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